Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The History of Post Falls - My Take on it

Post Falls is a small city in the northwest located along the Spokane River and right next to a beautiful water fall. It thrives on tourism and in general neighborly charm and charisma. This is a place for families to grow and friendships to prosper. Not only is it a charming little city, but it is also one of the most beautiful areas in all of America. With four seasons each year there are tons of things to do, such as canoeing on the Spokane River in the summer, or going skiing in the winter. However this little paradise owes its existence to Frederick Post and his lumber mill.
            Frederick Post was born on September 16, 1821 in a small town in Germany. Two years after marrying, he decided to go to America. At first he and his family moved to Illinois where he immediately put his knowledge of millwright to use. He put dams on three rivers, one with a grist mill, one with a lumber mill, and the last with a limestone quarry. After the railroad relocated, he traveled to San Francisco and Portland.  Nonetheless he finally settled in the northwest and built three houses for his family in present day Rathdrum, Post Falls, and Spokane. He was respectful to the Indians of the area, which soon led to a pact and deal between them for the use of the river’s water power.
            In 1871, Frederick Post went to Moses Seltice, a member of the Coeur d’ Alene Indians, and together they negotiated an agreement ensuring Frederick the use of water power at the “little falls” on the Spokane River. The transaction supposedly took place at “treaty rock” in Post Falls, but there is little evidence guaranteeing this. The only evidence is Frederick Post’s signature on the rock which reads “June 1, 1871, Frederick Post”. There are also some Indian pictographs depicting the alleged treaty.  Post then purchased the land from the Indians for $500 and built his mill.
            Post did not return to his mill in Post falls until 1879, due to the growing need for lumber and grist mills in other areas, such as Spokane.  Once up and running, his mill was said to have been the first and the finest sawmill in all of Kootenai County.  Lumber came from all over by horse, rail, and even tugboat. He did eventually sell his lumber mill to the Spokane and Idaho lumber company in 1894, after 15 years of operation.  In addition to his lumber mill, Post also set up a water system for the town and built a three story hotel. He himself described the town as “truly an American town.”
Post Falls, the mere definition of an American town. Even declared so by its founder, is a pleasant place to relax and enjoy life. This American town, although small, is located in a beautiful valley along a gorgeous river. With friendly citizens and remarkable seasons, this is the place to live. Founded by a man of true character, Post Falls has a rich history worth learning. This town owes its prosperity to the grace of God and the courage of man.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The History River

I thought that this quote by Ronald Reagan was pretty cool......"My young friends, history is a river that takes us as it will. But we have the power to navigate, to choose direction, and make our passage together. The wind is up, the tide is high, and the opportunity for a long and fruitful journey awaits us. Generations hence will honor us for having begun the voyage."

Friday, November 12, 2010

Is America following in the footsteps of the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire was once one of the most powerful people groups in the world. Their technology was advanced, their military was strong, and their government was unique. But there were also many bad characteristics of the Roman Empire. Modern day America has most of these traits. America is following the path of the Roman Empire by being decadent, turning away from Biblical principals, and more recently having economic inflation, all of which can lead to a great nation’s demise.
Decadence comes in many different forms but the Roman Empire’s decadence was that of a lack of moral and intellectual discipline. The Romans would have magnificent parties, gorging themselves while their slaves would do all of the work. At these parties they would eat so much, they threw up. They’re daily activities included watching gladiator fights that lasted all day. They would also watch man versus beast fights, where almost always the man or woman was a Christian. America might not be this extreme but it still has an increasing rate of decadence. The technology in America decreases the need to work, thus people spend their free time at parties and having fun. Technology can include factories that prepare food so that people don’t have to take the time to cook, transportation such as cars and airplanes, and the ever present cell phone which reduces the need to write a letter or take the time to visit a person. The result is lazy unreliable environment that is unhealthy and unnatural. Americans might not spend a whole day at an arena watching people get eaten or killed, but the movies in America can be just as gruesome. Some of the top movies in America almost always have blood or someone dying. Such movie styles are bad influences on the current generation and can make generations to come more violent and have more sinful and unmoral lives.
Turning away from God and Biblical principles always ends badly. The Roman Empire is a good example of this. Some Emperors persecuted and outlawed Christians. Nero was probably the worst; he would dip Christians in tar then light them on fire and use them as torches in his garden. There were others such as Marcus Aurelius who made it illegal to change someone’s religion through fear. Eventually the Roman Empire split into two regions, the Roman side felt the need to separate the church from the state but the Byzantine side did not see that need. After the Roman Empire fell, the Byzantine Empire lasted almost 1000 years longer. American leaders don’t physically persecute Christians but most verbally assault them. The media in America is constantly attacking Christians and trying to find counter religions or beliefs. America has also separated the church from the state, in the Bible it states that government is instituted by God, but when they are separated, the government can become corrupt. It might not be at this stage yet but America could be heading that way.
Inflation can ruin an economy and a nation. Inflation is where there is an over-production of money which has an opposite effect and makes the cost of money go down. The prices of things skyrocket and people don’t buy as much. Due to the decrease of money circulation, an economy can tank. The Roman Empire had this problem; they also had a problem with the way their money was backed. Their money was backed with their expansion and plunder and when they stopped expanding, the value of their money dropped. The empire raised taxes to try to get money back to the government but it didn’t help, it only made things worse. America’s money is backed by trade so when the prices get higher and companies can’t trade as much, the value of the dollar goes down. When America raises taxes, some companies get rid of employees so they don’t have to pay as much. The people who just lost their jobs can’t pay taxes because they don’t have the money and income of a steady employment.
America might not be exactly like the Roman Empire, but many things are similar. The Roman Empire was an advanced civilization, both in technology and government. America uses some of the Roman government techniques. But the Roman Empire had its flaws which eventually destroyed it. America is following in the footsteps of some of the Roman Empire’s greatest mistakes, which include having luxurious self-indulgences, straying from the Biblical truths, and having problems with economic inflation.

Monday, November 8, 2010

One Boy's Journey

Billy was wandering the halls of the orphanage looking for his shoes so he could go out and play, when he heard voices. They were coming from the warden’s office; although the words were muffled he could still make them out.
“I told you; I can’t have him getting into trouble anymore. It’s giving our once highly respected orphanage a bad name,” the warden said.
 Miss Martin replied in almost a sneer, “Well what do you want me to do about it?”
Once again the warden said,” I told you!”
“Well enlighten me again; this whole plan doesn’t make sense. How do we get rid of him?”
The warden sighed, “Okay here’s the plan; we get him adopted-“
 Miss Martin cut him off saying, “Adopted! Who in their right minds would adopt Billy?”
In that instance Billy knew he had to get out of there, he didn’t know where he would go, but he knew he had to leave. Even he knew he could never be adopted, and who would want to be adopted anyways? He went running down the hall and onto the grass that was half dead forgetting his shoes, which were still inside. Across the yard he saw Thomas, his best friend. Billy ran over to him and explained the situation.
 Thomas replied, “Billy, you are only nine and it’s the depression. Where are you going to go?”
 Billy thought about that and replied, "We will leave together and live off the streets; it could be fun.”
Thomas, who also was nine, wasn’t very adventurous and Billy was always pushing him to do things.
So not wanting to be a downer to Billy’s excitement he replied, “all right but we need to get moving before they notice.” With that they were off.
          Four Years Later-1932
                Billy was sprinting, but he didn’t care, this is what he did. Usually he would get a sausage from a cart but today as he was walking by a store, he saw delicious red apples just waiting for him.
That’s why he was running. He swerved in and out of people and down alleys until finally he lost the store owner. He took a couple more rights and a left until he made it back to the alley he and his gang called home. It wasn’t really a gang though, it was more like a family, and there were six of them including him and Thomas. He walked up and called his families names. They popped out of boxes and trash cans with bright smiles.
Billy said, “Okay boys, I’ve got us all some apples.” All at once they started shouting their praise.
”All right, all right settle down,” Thomas hollered.
 Billy cast him a sympathetic look before saying, “Okay line up single file. Relax I’ve got one for all of you.”
So Billy passed out the apples and smiled, it was the middle of September but still sunny and warm in New York City, which was rare. He decided that since the weather was so nice, they should take a walk in the park and get some fresh air, they sure needed it.
”I’ve got an idea, how about a walk?”Billy suggested.
The boys stared at him and he saw slowly, one by one, the excitement flashing through their eyes. Together Thomas and Billy gathered the now restless little boys, ranging in age from five to ten. They marched down the street observing every little thing the boys saw. So they were constantly stopping, but it didn’t bother Billy, he enjoyed it. Finally they reached the park and they all sat down with their apples.
Even though Billy was only thirteen, he was like a dad to these boys he took in and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He observed each boy in turn, stopping every few minutes to answer questions and ask them as well. After about an hour, the boys decided it was time to go home, so yet again they marched through the city teeming with life. Billy was halfway across the street when he heard tires screech and a horn honk. Then everything was black.
 The last thing he heard was Thomas yelling, “Billy! Look out!”
Thomas saw the whole incident and was almost hysterical with fright as he was screaming over and over, “Help! Somebody help him!”
Finally after what seemed like ages, a man in nice clothes stepped out of the now gathering crowd and stooped down to pick up Billy. In a frantic voice Thomas asked what he was doing.
 The stranger replied, “I’m helping your friend, gather up the other boys and follow me to the hospital.”Thomas did as he said; practically shaking by the time they got to their destination.
 Several hours later Billy woke up and asked where he was and what happened.
Thomas answered him, “You were hit by a car, your head is banged up and you broke your leg and a couple ribs.”
Just then Billy noticed the pain coursing through his body. At that same moment he also noticed a strange man sitting on the opposite side of the hospital room reading a book.
 Being the always curious boy that he was, Billy asked, “So what are you reading?”
Looking up with a smile the man replied, “Well this is a Bible.”
Not quite sure what that was, Billy questioned, “What’s a Bible?”
The man was stunned until finally he answered, “It’s like a guide book from God, I consult it whenever someone’s in trouble. In fact I was just reading Jeremiah 29:11,’for I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”
Billy contemplated that and then asked who the man was.
The man chuckled as he said,” I ‘m John Barnes.”
Billy liked the man already but was still confused on why he was still here, but John answered each and every question in a patient, kind way. Eventually John and the boys had to leave for the night, John being a courteous gentleman, invited the boys to spend the night at his house. This pattern continued for several days until Billy was finally released from the hospital. John escorted them all to their alley, but was worried for their welfare.
 Billy assured him they were fine, “we’ve lived like this for years, I’m sure we’ll survive another night.”
 But John would not consent and insisted they stay at his house.
 Billy thought about it and finally replied, “I guess we can stay, but only until my leg fully heals.”
John tried to convince him to stay longer but Billy would not be wavered, so John just agreed. After several weeks under John’s wing, Billy was learning a lot, especially about God, love, and mercy. The day came when Billy finally got his splint off. On the way home John struck up a serious conversation with Billy as the other boys ran ahead.
 “I have decided that I don’t want you to stay with me anymore.”
In a quiet voice Billy said, “Okay.”
Then John started to explain in a sure strong voice that sounded as if God himself was speaking through him, “I don’t want you just to stay with me, I want to adopt you and your friends, Billy.”
Billy was so shocked that all he could say was, “I’m not sure.”
John replied, “You don’t have to answer me today, you can think and pray about it.”
Since Billy didn’t pray and didn’t feel like telling John that at such an intense moment he just simply said, “I will definitely think about it.”
Satisfied with Billy’s answer, John drove them all back to his house. That night the boys had a secret meeting in Thomas’ room where Billy told them about the conversation with John and his generous proposal. They all reached a unanimous agreement and quietly slipped back into their rooms.
Morning came with an enormous sunrise, the perfect way to start a busy and complicated yet hopeful day. Billy and the boys waited at the table for John all with a slight grin on their faces. John finally arrived with his Bible in hand and as he glanced up, he chuckled and asked if he was late for something. The boys just continued to grin as Billy explained that they all would like to accept his offer. John shouted with joy and immediately started to pray out loud to God.
Billy was quite shocked but just went along with it. They all spent the rest of the day reading out of the Bible and joining in fellowship. Finally the time came for dinner and John started it off by once again praying out loud except this time he let the boys put in their in-put. Every boy but Billy praised God or thanked him. It was Billy’s turn but he didn’t have anything to say so he simply and universally said thank-you.
That night John personally prayed with each boy at their beds. The time came when John sat at the end of Billy’s bed and started to pray with him. Billy didn’t listen, but that night as he was drifting in and out of sleep, he thought about the day and all of the prayer. He decided it wouldn’t hurt to pray just once, so in a small, quiet voice Billy prayed, “Dear God, I know you don’t really know me but I’d like to be a part of your kingdom.” From then on Billy’s life was never the same.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sink or Swim?

So recently I came up with an analogy to represent our walk with God, or should I say swim?.......So our life as a christian starts out and everything is great, we are close to God, reading our Bible, praying. I see God as always being there, he's always on the surface of the water. We are always right below the water, some closer to God, some farther away. When we pray and are fighting for a true relationship with God, we find ourselves swimming closer to the surface, closer to God. Sometimes things start to drag us away from God, whether our non-christian friends aka: drowning, struggling people sinking below us and trying to grab a hold of us as they sink, or whether tragedies aka: larger fish and other huge monsters such as sharks start to tear us apart and drown us, or whether we just find ourselves not praying or not reading our Bible as often as we used to aka: the currents start to pull us away from God. Suddenly, somehow we find ourselves slowly being dragged away from God and we find our lives getting darker and filled with sin. Our lives are so dark we can't even see where we are going. All of a sudden, we are at the bottom of the ocean and we can't see the surface anymore, we can't see the light of God anymore. After wandering around in the dark for some time, we see this light, it seems almost as good as God's light. So we follow this false light, this good in disguise, this attempt by Satan to further draw us away from God. After a while, this light lets loose its true colors and we see how evil this light is. We struggle and we try to get away from this evil light, but we can't do it alone. God sees our struggle and he sends help to bring us back to Him. This help can come in several ways, it could be a song we hear on the radio, or maybe a friend reminds us how much we want to please God. Someway, somehow we feel the pull of someone grabbing us and pulling us away from danger, this lifeguard brings us back close to the surface. We are so close now that we can feel God's presence and we start praying and reading our Bible again. Thus is our swim, our struggle to constantly please God. How will you go about your christian life? Will you chose to sink or swim?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Twas the Beginning

Well, I'm finally starting a blog. The purpose of this blog is to impact those who read it with a Christian experience. I so want to become a missionary in the future and this is my first step. I hope that those who read my blog will just be filled with God's love and prosperity. I will be posting my personal views about life and God along with other events in life. I'm in the 9th grade and I'm homeschooling for the first time this year. I love God and try all the time to please him. I might fall often, but why do we fall if not to get back up again? Seek Jesus, Praise Him, and Love Others.