Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Deep Book

This book has quite the story line. It is a story line that I'm sure we have all gone through. Christopher falls pretty far, but he can still be saved through Christ no matter how far he has fallen. We have all fallen and have all needed to be saved by Christ whether we have done this already or not. I felt that Angela had a very strong commitment to her son, but she also trusted God to save him in His time. It is extremely hard for us to let God work things out in his time. We always feel that we need to step in and do our own work to make things right. Angela spent years praying for her son, but things just kept getting worse and worse. If I was Angela I probably would have given up hope and just quit praying, but Angela trusted God with all her heart and kept praying and finally there were results, although Christopher had to hit the very rock bottom first. We can all learn something from Angela, whether persistance or faith. Even though this book has some deep and at times, adult content, I feel that this book really impacted my way of looking at prayer and my faith in God.

Waterbroook Multnomah Publishing group provided me with this book in exchange for an honest review through their Blogging for Books program.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coming out of my Shell

It's amazing how if we look back on our lives we can see how certain things altered us. Whether it was just yesterday or over a span of years. When I look back to just a year ago I realize that I was very shy and didn't really do things on my own or do anything new. In a sense I was very sheltered, I had had the same friends for years. I had gone to the same school and didn't really have any friends outside of the school perimeters. Then my whole life was completely altered when I left Classical Christian Academy. Suddenly I wasn't in my little bubble of safety anymore. Sure I was homeschooling and I'm sure most people would think that I became even more sheltered, but I actually had to come out of my bubble often. My people skills were put to the test and I realized that I really had some hard training to do if I wanted to finish this marathon strong. I now realize that God put me through this life changing year to help me grow, but at the time I was absolutely terrified. I mean I didn't know anyone at co-op besides my mom. I started karate and had to positievly make sure my friend started with me so that I wouldn't freak out and I was like a turtle within it's shell at bowling league every Saturday morning. I guess I started to finally come out of my shell when I started getting better bowling scores, because that is when everyone started to really notice me and talk to me and I couldn't avoid it. Then I started talking with people more at co-op and I now have some great friends there. I no longer dread going to karate if my friend can't make it that day. I feel as if in order to grow God had to take me out of my school and practically push me through the open door of oppurtunities in front of me, but I feel so much the better for it. I guess what I'm trying to say is last spring I wouldn't be caught dead doing volunteer work without someone I already knew doing it with me, but just recently I started volunteering at our library all on my own. I'm finally coming out of my cave and noticing how many amazing people are out in the world that I've never even had the guts to meet before. I praise God every day for showing me how isolated I was and saving me from a life of reading in my room all day (although I still sometimes do that). Remember to always follow God even if you have no idea where he is taking you because you might just end up better off than you were before.