Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Inconveniant Marriage of Charlotte Beck

When I read this book I didn't realize that it was the third book in the series until after I read it. No wonder the author wrote as if I should already know Charlotte, but no matter because the author also filled me in to most of the things about Charlotte. Besides the fact that I was reading the third book, I thought that this was a very well written book. I have to admit though that at times I got kind of annoyed with Charlotte. She seemed really immature and selfish at times. In comparison, I enjoyed reading about Alex. He was an enjoyable character and made reading about charlotte a little more enjoyable. Thankfully Charlotte seemed to come to her senses towards the end of the book and she finally grew up. Meanwhile Alex also came to his senses in other ways, specifically, abandoning the ridiculous notion of marrying Charlotte and then getting their marriage annulled. I think that this showed the maturity of Alex and I appreciated it. Even though I found parts of this book annoying, I actually sort of loved this book. I could barely put it down. In fact I finished it in one day. Overall this book was good, it might have been better, but it was still pretty good.

Here's the first chapter

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Forgiveness is Key

While reading this book, I saw an overall theme. Everywhere I read there was someone who needed to forgive someone else or needed forgiveness. All that Aaron Blank wanted from his father was forgiveness for his past. He wanted to be embraced as the man he is rather than the man he was. Sylvia ran away from her problems and didn't ever intend to be forgiven, because she never wanted anyone to know of her sins. And lastly, Cara had hated her father for years, but when she found out that she couldn't join the Amish faith before forgiving him, she had to really try to forgive. Forgiveness is probably one of the hardest virtues to fulfill, because it is based on whether we are ready to let God heal us. Forgiveness heals wounds that might have been there for years, but we can't always forgive people on our own,most of the time we need God to be there so that we can lean on Him when we become too exhausted mentally and spiritually to even go another day. Forgiveness takes so much from a person that most people just find it easier to hold a grudge, but you can never know true peace until you no longer hate another person. God calls us to live in peace with each other and I think that this book is a great example of how to finally come to that point when the hate doesn't matter anymore and you just want to embrace your fellow brother in Christ.

For the first chapter, go to

I reveived this book from Waterbrook Mulnomah Publishers though their Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Creation and Flood Story Compared

As we look through ancient cultures, we see a common thread in their mythologies. In almost every civilization there is a story of creation and there is a story of a flood. Some of them are not even remotely close to the others, but it is still true that they all believed in a common idea, the idea that the Earth was in fact created and that somewhere along the way there was a great flood. Some stories differ in their details, but the overall skeleton is there. As we start to look closer at these stories, we start to see the similarities. Some of these stories that are close in their resemblance are the Biblical story, which we believe to be the truth, the Ancient Chinese creation story, and the Babylonian’s flood story from the Epic of Gilgamesh.
In Genesis we see God create the universe from nothing. He does this over six days, creating new things each day and resting on the seventh day. Over these days he creates the world, the sun and moon, water and land, animals, and lastly he created humans in his own image on the sixth and final day of creating. God made man out of the dust and breathed life into his lungs. This first man was Adam and God made him Eve to be his helper. God gave them the divine command to populate the earth. After he was finished, God looked upon his creation and saw that it was good. After the fall of man and the institution of sin, we see that the world becomes wholly evil except for one man’s family. This man was Noah, the only righteous one among the whole of the earth. God saw the earth’s evil and decided to destroy it, but he gave man one last chance by telling Noah to build an Ark and prepare for a great rainfall. At this point people could have repented of their sins and joined Noah in his beliefs, but they all scorned and mocked him for the hundred or so years that he built his Ark. After all, no one had ever even heard of water falling from the sky, for back then, water solely came from the ground. Unfortunately only Noah’s family believed and so when the time came for God to destroy man, he brought Noah two of every kind of animal to put on his Ark. God sealed the door and then sent his destructive Flood for forty days and nights. After about half a year the Ark came to rest on a mountain and Noah saw that the waters had receded so he sent out a raven and then a dove, but neither could find a place to land so they returned to him. Again he sent the dove out and this time it came back with a fresh olive sprig in its beak and Noah knew that they could leave the Ark. Right after he got off the Ark, Noah offered up a sacrifice to God, thanking him for saving his family. After they had settled, God came to Noah and made a covenant with him to never flood the whole of the Earth again; he represented this by placing his rainbow in the sky.
Although the Biblical God and the Chinese goddess Nuwa have nothing in common, the creation stories about them are quite similar. Nuwa’s story is a lesser known story, but it is one of the oldest. In the story Nuwa was a goddess that roamed the earth but she became lonely. So she decided to create something. For six days she created animals such as pigs and sheep. Then on the seventh day she looked into a pool beside her and saw her reflection. She saw that all that she had created looked nothing like her. She picked up some yellow mud from beside the pool and started sculpting. Finally she looked at what she had made, but it was not alive, so she set it down feeling disappointed. Once her creation touched the earth it came alive. Nuwa was pleased and continued sculpting little humans to keep her company.  After a while she grew tired and realized that she could not sculpt fast enough. Bending down, she picked up a vine and dipped it in the mud and flicked it. Little humans appeared where the clumps of mud landed. She created them male and female so that they could populate the earth without her having to sculpt new ones every time she became lonely. As we look at this story, we can see at least four similarities. The first similarity is that both God and Nuwa created man on the last day of creating. Next we see that man was created in her image just as God had made man in his image. Another parallel is that in both stories man was made from the dirt of the earth. And lastly we see that both creators told their humans to populate the earth.
The Babylonian’s flood story is actually the oldest known written story ever, this being the Epic of Gilgamesh. Even though it was written before the Bible, the Bible is still the more accurate writing. In the Epic of Gilgamesh the hero of the story meets Utnapishtim on his adventure who then tells Gilgamesh his story. The god Enlil got tired of man’s noise and rabble and convinced the rest of the gods to flood the earth. Only the god Ea was sympathetic to man and instructed Utnapishtim, a righteous man, to build a boat and put his family and as many living things as he could on it. He finished the boat just in time for rain to start falling. It fell for six days and when it ended the things on the boat were the only survivors. Even the gods were terrified of what they had done. After floating on the sea for a while, Utnapishtim’s boat finally landed on a mountain. Utnapishtim released a dove but it returned so he released a raven which did not return and he knew that they could leave. After getting off he offered a sacrifice to the gods. In the end Enlil grants Untapishtim and his wife eternal life. Comparing this flood account to that of the Bible, we see that they are almost identical, the first similarity being that both Noah and Utnapishtim were instructed to build boats to survive a global catastrophe. They were both righteous men and were told to put animals on their boats. After the flood, both boats came to rest on mountains. Wanting to get off the boat, both men released a dove and a raven to see if it was safe. And finally the last similarity is that both men offered sacrifices once off the boat.
Clearly these stories all have a common beginning. Although many don’t believe that the Bible is true, we can see that it has had a great impact on the stories around the globe. If these stories and comparisons are not proof enough, just chose a civilization and look at their myths. Almost every single one has a creation story and a flood story similar to that of the Bible. The Chinese and Babylonians without a doubt had common ancestors with that of the Hebrews of the Bible. This is most likely the reason for such close parallels. Over time the stories were corrupted by each civilization and lost their truths. Despite these frustrations we can still see how the Bible can be confirmed by comparing it to other written accounts. Through the comparison of the Bible’s creation and flood stories, the Chinese creation story and the Babylonian’s flood story, we can see the resemblances.  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

School is Finally Here

Well sadly it is that time of the year again. The time when you have to stay inside and actually learn things even though it is still really nice outside. In fact it has actually been nicer this past week than it was most of the summer. All of that aside, I actually like this time of year. In fact I have somewhat been looking forward to school this fall. This is my 10th grade year and I get to learn Ancient History (which is my favorite) and I get to do Algebra 2 (which I find easier than Geometry). But I must say that I was relieved when my 1st week ended. Our family celebrated by going to the lake yesterday. My friend Sienna and I even went jumping off Tubbs Hill, which is a 30 ft. cliff on the lake. It was quite the rush. Hopefully everyone else's 1st week went well too.Thus the end of another summer has come and the start of another school year has begun. I'm already looking forward to next summer.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This book has helped me in many ways. First off, it has helped me greatly understand alzheimer's disease. I come from a family that hasn't been impacted by the hardships of this terrible disease and thus I didn't know of all of the struggles and pain that went along with it. This book was very good at showing that even in the midst of this pain and sorrow, God is still at the center of our lives, we just have to look. Secondly, it made me think about our relationships with those close to us and how we can show them our love. In the book you feel Krista's pain over not receiving the kind of love from her mother that she always wanted. Even though her mother didn't show her love for Krista, she definitely loved her. As I read this book I thought of how much a simple and honest "I love you" from a parent to a child could truly mean in that child's development and life. I think we all can learn to love genuinely from God and thus set good examples for the next generation. Miss Bergren makes this story truly come alive and I found myself falling in love with the characters, not only Krista but also Elena and even in a way, Charlotte. The characters are so complex and dynamic that I had a hard time putting the book down because I wanted to know more about Krista or how it was all going to work out in the end. Overall this was a very touching book and I am glad that I read it.
To get the first chapter, click the link.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Perfect Blend

I just have to say right off the bat that I absolutely loved this book. It was the perfect blend of romance, suspense, and psychology. It was so engaging that I couldn't put it down, I just had to know what happened next. This book kept me on the edge of my seat with anticipation. It starts out in the middle of action, but ends with a sentimental moment. This has been one of the best books I have read this summer. Trevor was the kind of hero that isn't born, but made. He had been through so much yet still felt an obligation to save people. That is the kind of hero to admire. Natalie has such a unique disability that most people didn't really know what to do with her. The way that the book was written, you could feel how she felt awkward and embarrassed. It was sort of an eye opening experience to see how Natalie overcame her disability with art. In many ways, art can truly heal people and it certainly helped Natalie. Probably the most curious part of the book is the parts concerning Trevor's admirer. When he was first mentioned I honestly had no idea what was going on, but as the book went on it was made all the more clear. This book was well written and had an amazing story line. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone I know.

I recieved this book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers through their Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Camp Lutherhaven

So I just got back from camp on Friday and it was one of the most fun weeks of my life. I absolutely love my friends and I absolutely love camp Lutherhaven. I got to go tubing, rock wall climbing, ziplining, and I got to go on a high ropes course. While having such a blast, I got to worship God and read my Bible and pray. Lutherhaven is such a great camp and this was my fifth year going. My friends and I go each year and stay in the same cabin. The weather was perfect for swimming, which we did every day. One morning we even woke up at 4:30 in the morning to just watch the sunrise. It was beautiful, although my friends didn't appreciate getting up so early. Overall I had a great and life changing week. I feel closer to God and my friends.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I would say that this book had the perfect amount of humor, intense moments, and bonding between characters. It had interesting twists and turns and I have to admit that at times I did not expect some of the things that happened. This book definitely keeps you on your toes. Not only does it have a great storyline but it is also a great allegory and at times had me really thinking about something or noticing similarities between Amara's Wulder and Our God. The Grand Parrot Beccaroon reminds me of a protective uncle, trying to protect his girl Tipper, but also not wanting too much loving attention. Tipper is easy to relate to and has a great personality and the dragons are an interesting touch. Sometimes they almost seem like key characters. I personally enjoyed the Wizard Fenworth's addition to the ragtag group. Always seeming to sleep yet he stays very in touch with everything that is going on. He and Lady Peg had me laughing out loud at times and kept the book light. I found it interesting that in Chiril they regarded their minor dragons so cooly until the Amarans told them otherwise. If it were me I would have loved the little things to pieces. It is a fun and easy read, great for any ages really.

If you go to this website, you can get the first chapter. :)

I recieved this book from the Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing group through their Blogging through Books program in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some Things I Like

I just figured I would list some of my favorite things, that way you all can get to know me better.

Movies I like:
-The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
-The Chronicles of Narnia movies
-Sherlock Holmes
-Iron Man 1 & 2
-New Moon
-Percy Jackson & The Olympians, The Lightning Thief
-Transformers 1 & 2
-Spider-man 1, 2, & 3
-Nancy Drew
Mind you, these are only a few of the movies I like, but they give a pretty good idea of what I like.

Bands I like (music):
-The Newsboys
-Hawk Nelson
-Group 1 Crew
-F.M. Static
-Jeremy Camp
-Casting Crowns
I also like other bands, but they are too many to count. These are all christian bands.

Books I like (Meaning I have read them multiple times):
-Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series
-The Kane Chronicles
-The Lost Hero
(All 3 of these are written by Rick Riordan)
-The Twilight Saga
-Anything written by Karen Kingsbury
I read a TON of books, but these are my very favorites.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Garden

Here is our garden at the church near our house. We have been working on it  all summer and it is finally starting to show some life.

These are our zucchini plants.

These are our pea plants.

These are our green bean plants.

This is one of our broccoli plants.

This is our row of lettuce.

This is one of our tomato plants.

These are our strawberry plants.

This is our first strawberry, which I ate yesterday and it was very good. :)

This is one of our corn stalks.

This is the start of one of our carrots.

This is a close up on one of our lettuce plants. We cut our lettuce the other day and got a whole grocery bag full of it.

Our garden is organic and 25% of our crops will go to our local food bank. It is a great program and it is especially nice for those of us who don't have big yards or space for a garden.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Fun

Well first off I just wanted to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!" My little sister turns 6 today. Also happy late 4th of july, I had a great 4th of July this year and I hope everyone else did too. My friend Sienna and I went to our other friend Caroline's house boat out on Lake Pend Oreille for the weekend. We went jet skiing (my first time, I even got to drive it and got up to 40 mph) and swimming. Unfortunately I got a bad sunburn. (I burn easily) But in spite of that, I had a great time and would encourage any of you to go jet skiing sometime. We got to watch a great fireworks show that we were practically right under and we jumped off the top of Caroline's house boat. I love the summer time.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Deep Book

This book has quite the story line. It is a story line that I'm sure we have all gone through. Christopher falls pretty far, but he can still be saved through Christ no matter how far he has fallen. We have all fallen and have all needed to be saved by Christ whether we have done this already or not. I felt that Angela had a very strong commitment to her son, but she also trusted God to save him in His time. It is extremely hard for us to let God work things out in his time. We always feel that we need to step in and do our own work to make things right. Angela spent years praying for her son, but things just kept getting worse and worse. If I was Angela I probably would have given up hope and just quit praying, but Angela trusted God with all her heart and kept praying and finally there were results, although Christopher had to hit the very rock bottom first. We can all learn something from Angela, whether persistance or faith. Even though this book has some deep and at times, adult content, I feel that this book really impacted my way of looking at prayer and my faith in God.

Waterbroook Multnomah Publishing group provided me with this book in exchange for an honest review through their Blogging for Books program.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coming out of my Shell

It's amazing how if we look back on our lives we can see how certain things altered us. Whether it was just yesterday or over a span of years. When I look back to just a year ago I realize that I was very shy and didn't really do things on my own or do anything new. In a sense I was very sheltered, I had had the same friends for years. I had gone to the same school and didn't really have any friends outside of the school perimeters. Then my whole life was completely altered when I left Classical Christian Academy. Suddenly I wasn't in my little bubble of safety anymore. Sure I was homeschooling and I'm sure most people would think that I became even more sheltered, but I actually had to come out of my bubble often. My people skills were put to the test and I realized that I really had some hard training to do if I wanted to finish this marathon strong. I now realize that God put me through this life changing year to help me grow, but at the time I was absolutely terrified. I mean I didn't know anyone at co-op besides my mom. I started karate and had to positievly make sure my friend started with me so that I wouldn't freak out and I was like a turtle within it's shell at bowling league every Saturday morning. I guess I started to finally come out of my shell when I started getting better bowling scores, because that is when everyone started to really notice me and talk to me and I couldn't avoid it. Then I started talking with people more at co-op and I now have some great friends there. I no longer dread going to karate if my friend can't make it that day. I feel as if in order to grow God had to take me out of my school and practically push me through the open door of oppurtunities in front of me, but I feel so much the better for it. I guess what I'm trying to say is last spring I wouldn't be caught dead doing volunteer work without someone I already knew doing it with me, but just recently I started volunteering at our library all on my own. I'm finally coming out of my cave and noticing how many amazing people are out in the world that I've never even had the guts to meet before. I praise God every day for showing me how isolated I was and saving me from a life of reading in my room all day (although I still sometimes do that). Remember to always follow God even if you have no idea where he is taking you because you might just end up better off than you were before.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Since Last I Posted

Wow, life has been busy. Sorry if I haven't posted anything lately. So since I have posted last I have gotten 1st place in my age division with the junior duck stamp contest. I have also found out that I scored in the 97th percentile for Idaho standarized testing and that I am an oficial honors student. My Birthday was last April. I went to Montana for a Prom with my cousin Alanna and had a super fun time. I dislocated my shoulder on Monday and now I have a weekend long State Bowling tournament, which I think is terrible timing because it is on Mother's day weekend. And last but not least I have my orange belt test for karate on Monday.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Duck Stamp Entry

So I just recently entered a painting into the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service's junior duck stamp contest. Unfortunately I won't know the results for a while, but I am hoping to win Idaho. Here is my painting...
It is a Common Eider and the painting was done in acrylic paint. The painting is an original from the depths of my imagination, I hope you all like it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Flag

Here is a little free-verse poem I wrote a while back....

The valiant flag in which our Nation takes pride
Hung above the ground with red, white, and blue
Through war and trial it has survived
In hopes that future generations would know
That we may pledge our freedom every morn
It represents the U.S.A the country so true
For over 200 years it has told
Of our power and strength and freedom galore
With the character that only a flag has
It tells the story of a nation under God
A nation that has people from all over the world
Yet still has the strength to never ignore
That the love of our people and our God
Never will fail no matter the storm
 It doesn’t always prevail but always will trust
One day a long time from now
Our children will look up and see
With a twinkle in their eyes
That beautiful flag that flew so valiantly
So that we never would forget in all our days
The purpose of freedom that we will never regret

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finding Freedom

The waves rolled and so did my stomach. “Oh why did I come on this blasted boat,” I wailed. “Well, probably because you want to go to America,” one of the crewman said to me with a smirk as he walked by. “But of course,” I said to myself. I wandered wearily back to my bunk below. Most nights I wondered if this whole notion of going to America was silly and childlike, but I knew that America equaled hope and hope was exactly what I needed. I stared down at my tattered trousers and calloused hands and thought of the life I was leaving behind in France. As I was thinking of home the boat rocked dangerously and suddenly I was in my old room. It seemed as though I had gone back in time to nearly a year ago, before everything had changed. My life was perfect, I had to work hard, but it was everything I imagined. My parents and siblings still loved me then and all of my friends trusted and believed me. Unfortunately no one believed me anymore, not since the trial. My whole life changed because I was accused of stealing a dozen cattle from our neighbors and sworn family enemies, the Moreaus. In our village stealing something or committing a crime meant immediate extraction from all family and town happenings, otherwise known as the town prison, located directly under the pub. Suddenly I was an outcast without my story even being told. The truth of the matter was that I was in fact not stealing the cattle, but returning them from wandering over our side of the river. Naturally nobody believed the youngest son of the family. At the trial the church gave me two options, I could either be executed or I could be exiled to who knew where as long as they never had to see my face again. In that moment, while standing there being convicted, I had looked at my poor mother. She had a gaze of pure terror on her face and she was tearing up. I knew that I could never be publically executed, at least if I was exiled my mother would know I was still alive. “Elders,” I had said, “In order to no longer bring pain and dishonor to my family, I choose to be exiled.” And that was that, the very next day I was on my way to the coast, ready to embark on this new journey. I did, however, get one last conversation with my mother. As I was packing my things, my mother handed me the old worn out family Bible. Stroking my brown hair, she whispered in my ear, “I have heard amazing stories of this free country across the ocean called America, perhaps you can go there and start a new life.” The next day I had tried to hold back tears as I was saying goodbye to my family, but to no avail. Just then the images of my dear family disappeared and I woke up on a boat, I looked over at my bunk and realized that when the boat had rocked violently I had fallen off my bed, hit my head, and had been knocked out. Rolling over, I groaned. Some sailors ran by yelling, but it all seemed like a blur, but suddenly I noticed that I was in three inches of water and it seemed to be rising fast. “The boat must be sinking,” I said to myself, absolutely terrified. I jumped to my feet, wobbled a bit, and then ran onto the deck. The first thing I realized was that I could see land not too far off. That’s funny, I though, how long was I knocked out? The second thing I realized was that the deck suddenly tilted sideways, which meant that when I got on deck I started falling towards the icy water. Somewhere far off I heard someone scream, perhaps it was me. Just as it seemed that all hope was lost, I abruptly stopped falling; I looked up and saw that my jacket had caught on a protruding plank coming off of the splitting deck. Just a few feet away I noticed the lifeboat fighting the waves with the captain and a few sailors. I knew what I had to do, I started taking off my jacket and immediately I commenced my fall towards the freezing water. The impact made me feel as though I was slowly dying, but my head bobbed to the surface and I could breathe once more. I looked about, trying to find the lifeboat and then I spotted it off to my right just about ten feet away. I swam for my life and reached the boat after what seemed like an eternity. I clambered aboard to the discontented grunts of the others. I started shivering violently, and then I fainted. I awoke not long after to the sounds of a busy port, I looked around and wondered what port this might be. Just as that thought went through my head, my eyes landed on the statue of liberty gleaming in the sunlight. I knew exactly where we were. I looked at that beacon of freedom given to America from my home country France just eleven years before and knew that I had come to the right place. I, Luke Fontaine had found my hope.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heroes Speech

Here is a little speech that I wrote for my speech class, it is based on my criteria for a hero that I posted before.......

Heroes, they are everywhere. If you look through history there were many heroes, whether Biblical heroes like Esther or everyday heroes like firefighters. But what makes a hero? A hero is a normal person; they just chose to do extraordinary things with their lives. Instead of watching T.V. they chose to help at the food shelter. Instead of buying things for themselves, they buy things for the homeless man at the corner. Some heroes get more recognition than others, perhaps you know someone who is a hero, but has never been on T.V. or ever been written about. Even though someone was greatly recognized does not make them a greater hero. A hero is a hero, but there are some pretty amazing heroes that we can learn from, such as Abraham Lincoln or Mother Theresa. No matter the extent of the hero, God sees each and every one and rewards them in heaven. I intend to tell you of Amy Carmichael and Corrie Ten Boom, two ordinary people who felt a calling from God. Each is special in her own way, but they both looked the evils of the world in the eye and risked their lives to save others.  
Amy Carmichael and Corrie Ten Boom are great hero examples because they gave their entire lives to God for the good of others. Many people in life think that they don’t have to really do anything special or really go out of their way for anyone. They think that they can just coast through life and really only worry and care about themselves. God instructs us to help those in need and Amy and Corrie are perfect illustrations. We need to spend more of our time helping others rather than focusing on ourselves. Not only should we give, but give from our hearts.
In some senses, Amy Carmichael was not exactly the perfect candidate to be a missionary. In fact, she had a disease called neuralgia, which had her bedridden at times due to weakness and painful aches. Even though she was plagued by this disease she still felt a calling to be a missionary. She chose India to help the suffering children there. She mostly helped the Indian temple girls. She often wore Indian clothes and dyed her skin brown with dark coffee. She then would travel miles along the hot, dusty roads just to save one child. She founded an organization called the Dohnavur Fellowship that became a sanctuary for more than a thousand children, who otherwise would have had a miserable life. Amy once said this, “It is more important that you should know about the reverses than about the successes of the war. We shall have all eternity to celebrate the victories, but we have only the few hours before sunset in which to win them. We are not winning them as we should, because the fact of the reverses is so little realized, and the needed reinforcements are not forthcoming, as they would be if the position were thoroughly understood." She is saying that we only have so much time to help and bring people to God and we could use all the help we can get, but not much help is coming.
Even before the war, Corrie was known for her charitable and hospitable work in the community. At first her family and herself only helped her neighbors, the Weils, but soon others heard of the Ten Boom’s generosity. Since her family housed so many Jews, they decided to create a hiding place. They built a false wall in Corrie’s room, because it was the highest in the house, thus giving the Jews more time to hide. The Ten Booms helped many Jews escape to safety. Unfortunately, her entire family was arrested on February 28, 1944 and her father, sister and she were sent to concentration camps. During her time in the camps she and her sister Betsie would minister to the other prisoners. Her life wasn’t exactly easy, but she made the best of it and trusted God. Corrie once said this, "We are up against the unseen power that controls this dark world and the spiritual agents are from the very headquarters of evil. Therefore, we must wear the "whole armor of God," that we may be able to resist evil in its day of power, and that even when we have fought to a standstill, we may still stand our ground." This is the true mindset of a hero, to stop at nothing to end evil for God.
Heroes are not born, heroes are made. Being a hero is a choice, not a burden. Today’s media thinks that a hero has to have extraordinary powers or skills, to be masked and to fight villains, but a true hero is a normal person who uses their gifts to their full extent to further the kingdom of God. Whether that is fighting evil or simply just helping out a neighbor. Do not think that a hero is greater than anyone else. They in fact are normal people that chose to have a great load to carry and could use all of the help they can get. Heroes are great people, but anyone can be a hero. Unfortunately, not many people want to be heroes. The question is will you be a hero?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A little more info concerning the life of me

Hello 2011!! My have you come fast. I look back at the last year and my family certainly has gone through many big changes. First off, I changed from my private school that I had been going to for 6 years, to being homeschooled. Homeschooling is definately a challenge in itself but it is completely worth it. Not only can I wear my pj's but I also get to chose what curriculum I want to use and when. I feel as though I am not hindered as much as I might have been going to a school, I no longer have to wait for other people to finish, I can just move on. I also feel that I can be a more rounded person homeschooling. Secondly, My parents closed their children's store that they had had for four years and my dad got a new job. Along with these big changes, I have also had some other pretty exciting trips this past year. In April, before my birthday, my parents and I went to Ohio for the huge homeschool conference in Cincinnati, I learned a lot about homeschooling there and really felt this was the route I wanted to take. We also got to go to the huge art museum they have there and I could see the art of some of my favorite artists, such as Monet and other Impressionist artists. While there, we also took a tour on our own of Kentucky, we got to see the capitol, Lexington, and Louisville. We even went into Indiana so that we could say we went there. My family also went to the Washington coast with my grandma and I got some awesome pictures like this one....
We were walking through the Hoh rainforest when I saw this unicorn peeping out from behind the tree. Also this year I went wakeboarding for the first time and I went to Scarywood with my two best friends, which is our theme park Silverwood that turns haunted for Halloween, it was extremely fun.  We also went to San Francisco to visit family, but while we were there we went to this really pretty Catholic missionary from the 16th century. The architecture was beautiful. Not only did all of these exciting events happen but I feel as though I grew closer to God this past year, I read my Bible every night, but I still have some work to do. This new year I have come up with some new resolutions such as again to read my Bible every night and also to learn to play piano. Last year I wanted to learn to play guitar and I did. So in hindsight 2010 was a good year, I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us.